Video Gallery

Roll Pro Painting – Branding Video

Roll Pro Painting - Branding Video

We filmed this branding video for Roll Pro in two locations near Ottawa on the same day. Ransom Digital provided the outline for the shoot which greatly helped with the workflow and editing.

Artizan – Branding Video

Artizan - Branding Video

This branding video was created for Artizan in Montreal to help new customers understand the history and mission of it's founder, Robin Barré. Artizan is a fashion boutique that also sells on TSC and Evine.

LANDR Studios 2018 Demo

With the new year it's time to create a new demo to help showcase everything we can do at LANDR Studios.

Prohouse - Mentors

Filmed on location in Shanghai, we had a great time creating this video.  From story board to final product, we helped our clients out every step of the way.

Children of Fire

Thank you to everyone that performed in this video. I had a great time with all of you!

Playing with Fire

With special thanks to l'Académie des arts du Feu who hold a class every Thursday at 2345 Jarry East in Montreal. It was incredible to film these talented artists!

Wedding Demo 2018

Looking to have your wedding filmed? This is a quick showcase of your what we can do for your special day.

The Wedding Party

A fun little video featuring the wedding party for Richard and Allison.  This video was played during their reception and was created as a gift from the maid of honor.

Paul Davis - Carrières

Although not shot by us, we provided the translation and voice over work to get this video from English to French. We also reshot the scene when the team says "nous sommes Paul Davis".

117 Gables Court

Located in Beaconsfield, Gables Court offers a private pool facility, tennis court, and water access.  Shot with a Mavic Pro for overhead shots and steadycam for all interior shots.

Convergia 1010103 CTV Spot

Convergia 1010103 CTV Spot

Aired in 2012, this TV commercial was created by Dan while he was working at Future Electronics.  All of the motion graphics were created from scratch and then overlaid with a professional voice over.

Creepin Daisy – Another Kiss

Creepin Daisy - Another Kiss

This music video was shot in an abandoned military base in St-Adolphe-d'Howard.  Shooting took 12 hours and required generators to power lights and equipment.  It was freezing cold and raining the whole day, but the band braved it all for this video.